Why Use Official OEM Parts and Accessories?

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Vehicle owners who are looking for a way to personalize their vehicle often purchase replacement parts and accessories. At Southbank Dodge, we often hear drivers ask: Why do so many automotive professionals recommend drivers purchase OEM parts and accessories, rather than third-party alternatives? Below, we’ve broken down all the major advantages of sticking with official OEM parts. 

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Guaranteed to Work 

When purchasing an aftermarket accessory or part, it might be difficult to find the exact part for your vehicle. With official parts and accessories, drivers can easily find parts made specifically for their make and model. Because of this, there will be no ambiguity as to whether or not the part you purchase functions as desired. 

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Higher Quality  

OEM parts and accessories are thoroughly tested to ensure their quality and functionality. When drivers choose to purchase a replacement part or add-on through a third party, it may not provide the same performance or longevity that drivers would want. Overall, going with an OEM part is less of a gamble in terms of quality assurance. 

Ease of Replacement  

Because OEM parts and accessories are designed with specific models in mind, they are guaranteed to comfortably fit in or on your vehicle, and are easier to install. Many aftermarket parts and vehicle components are built to work for multiple models, which means they may not always fit well inside or on your vehicle. 

Warranty Compatible  

Installing an aftermarket part or accessory in your vehicle may void your warranty. OEM parts and accessories are not only compatible with your warranty, but may come with their own warranty coverage, providing vehicle owners with additional peace of mind. 

Greater Safety

When it comes to overall safety, OEM parts and accessories are more rigorously tested than third-party alternatives. When a safety-related mechanism inside your vehicle needs to be replaced, drivers can trust OEM parts to provide better protection and reliability.  

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