Why Drivers Should Trade In Their Vehicle

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When shopping for a new vehicle, many drivers are still unsure what to do with their current car, truck, or SUV. Fortunately for drivers, trading in their vehicle at a dealership like Southbank Dodge can help make the transition to their new vehicle easy and convenient. Below, we’ve highlighted all the reasons why drivers should consider trading in their vehicle when buying a new one. 

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Advantages of Trading In a Vehicle 

When trading in a vehicle, drivers can put their trade-in vehicle’s value towards a new vehicle purchase. The dealership will make an offer on the vehicle based on its age, mileage, condition, and several other factors. If financing your next vehicle through the dealership, a trade-in vehicle’s value will increase the odds of a new auto loan being approved. The dealership will take care of the majority of the paperwork, making it a convenient option for drivers who want to get rid of their old vehicle relatively fast and with little hassle. 

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Reasons to Avoid Selling Your Vehicle on the Private Market 

While some vehicle owners may find the choice to sell their vehicle on the private market appealing, this approach comes with its own set of hurdles and difficulties. The driver will need to do their own research to determine their vehicle’s value. Depending on the make and model being sold, it may take an extended period of time before a buyer shows interest in the vehicle. The buyer and seller will also be responsible for all the associated paperwork, rather than having a dealership take care of it for them. 

Trade In Your Vehicle at Southbank Dodge 

Southbank Dodge in Ottawa, Ontario is always looking to expand its inventory. Have a vehicle you’re interested in selling or trading in? Our team of vehicle experts here at Southbank Dodge can provide you with your vehicle’s trade-in value, and can help you navigate the trade in process. Get in touch with our team by calling 833-384-0276 or by sending us a message directly through our website.