Preventative Maintenance for Heavy Duty Trucks

A service technician working on the brakes

When it comes to automotive maintenance, heavy duty trucks have unique needs that should be addressed by a team of professional technicians. Here at Southbank Dodge, our team has all the tools and expertise required to keep heavy-duty trucks in great working condition. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the unique considerations drivers need to consider when maintaining their heavy-duty truck. 

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Engine Air Filter Quality 

If a truck’s engine is allowed to run with a low-quality filter for an extended period of time, the driver is running the risk of damaging the engine or fuel system. Fuel system damage is especially dangerous, as one failing part can permanently damage the entire system, if left unchecked. At Southbank Dodge, we take care to ensure that a truck’s air filter is not only unclogged, but strong enough to keep out contaminants and debris. 

A service technician writing on a clipboard

Brake Service

Unserviced brakes can create a variety of problems for heavy truck owners. When left unserviced, brake pins can begin to seize, pads can start to crumble, and the overall lifespan of the brakes decreases. Regularly-serviced brakes last longer, and result in less downtime/operational costs in the long run. 

Weather and Environmental Factors 

Canadian weather and road conditions are often unfavourable to heavy-duty trucks. Salt and clay can wear away at a truck’s most sensitive mechanical components over time. Extreme cold can also cause wear and tear, increasing the risk for roadside emergencies. When drivers take their trucks in for regular maintenance services, they’re minimizing the risk of something unexpected happening on the road. 

Service Your Truck at Southbank Dodge 

Southbank Dodge is the perfect place for truck owners in the Ottawa area to take their vehicle in for service. Drivers can book a service appointment with our team right here on our website. Have any questions for our team? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (833) 384 – 0276, or send us a message directly through our website.