Advantages of Purchasing a Pre-Owned Vehicle

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Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is a great way for drivers to buy a high-quality vehicle, without having to spend the larger prices associated with new vehicles. Wondering why so many drivers choose to purchase used vehicles? Below, we’ve broken down all the major advantages of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle at a dealership like Southbank Dodge. 

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Used Cars Cost Less

Vehicle shopping on a budget? Pre-owned vehicles are the perfect option for drivers looking for their next vehicle, without having to spend too much. Drivers should be able to pay off their pre-owned vehicle much faster than a new vehicle, helping them save on financing fees. 

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The Bulk of Depreciation Has Already Occurred 

New vehicles depreciate at a faster rate than pre-owned vehicles. As a result, drivers who choose to sell or trade in their used vehicle will likely receive a greater percentage of their purchase back than new vehicle owners. In certain situations, vehicles with highly-desired features or packages may even increase in value over time. 

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles 

Some dealerships, such as Southbank Dodge, offer certified pre-owned vehicles for drivers to purchase. These vehicles are thoroughly inspected to ensure their quality, giving vehicle shoppers greater confidence in their purchase. Shopping for a certified pre-owned vehicle is a reliable way to get a high-quality, well-maintained model. 

Why Shop at Southbank Dodge? 

Wondering why drivers should purchase their pre-owned vehicle at Southbank Dodge? Our dealership offers a low price guarantee, using live data market analysis to ensure our prices remain competitive in and around Ottawa. We also provide full vehicle history and information disclosure on all of our pre-owned vehicle sales, complete with a detailed CARFAX Canada report that notes any accidents the vehicle has been previously involved in. 

Shop for Pre-Owned Vehicles at Southbank Dodge

Southbank Dodge is the perfect place in Ottawa to shop for pre-owned vehicles. Our team of vehicle experts are here to help drivers find the perfect model for their needs. Interested in exploring our current selection of used vehicles? Click here to explore our online pre-owned vehicle inventory