Automotive Financing for Subprime Credit

Financing a vehicle purchase can be a complicated process, especially for drivers with low credit scores. Fortunately, Southbank Dodge offers flexible financing plans to help vehicle shoppers with subprime credit find a financial plan that’s right for their personal needs. Continue reading to learn more about getting a subprime auto loan through Southbank Dodge.

What is Subprime Credit?

Subprime credit refers to a credit score that is lower than what’s required for the best available interest rates. Because borrowers who fall into the subprime category present a greater degree of risk than prime borrowers, they often face unique challenges and hurdles when it comes to automotive financing.

Can I Finance a Vehicle With Poor Credit?

Even though some lenders will be reluctant to work with drivers with poor credit, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for these drivers to find financing for their vehicle. Many dealerships, such as the team here at Southbank Dodge, offer robust financing options for drivers with less-than-ideal credit.

Rebuild Your Credit With a Car Loan

Car loans are an effective way for drivers to rebuild their credit. A person’s payment history accounts for 35% of their credit score. Because of this, every car loan payment that a driver makes on time will help improve their credit. Car loans also strengthen the driver’s credit mix and recent credit, which are two other factors that have an influence on credit scores.

Why Finance Through Southbank Dodge?

At Southbank Dodge, we understand that buying a vehicle is a major purchase. That’s why we work hard to find the right financing plan for our customers. We collaborate with a wide network of financial institutions in order to secure the best possible financing for vehicle shoppers. As a large, franchised dealer, we can use our size, buying power, and influence to get drivers approved at great rates.

Get Online Pre-Approval for Financing

Interested in receiving automotive financing through Southbank Dodge? We’ve streamlined the process to be fast, simple, and convenient. By filling out the form below, drivers can receive pre-approval for financing right here on our website. One of our finance experts will reach out to you with more information regarding your financing options.

Have any questions about the process? Give us a call at (613) 706-7747 or send us a message through our website to speak with one of our team members about automotive financing.