Why the Dodge Grand Caravan is one of the industry’s best suited family vehicles

Dodge Grand Caravan

The Dodge Grand Caravan is an incredibly popular family vehicle all over North America. It has an appealing exterior, ample safety features as well as a few bells and whistles that will really make the whole family happy.

Built for utility, this minivan also has a friendly and attractive exterior with all the features that will get you, your family, and your gear where it needs to go.

Made for your family

Perfect for both the city and country and anywhere in between, the Dodge Grand Caravan is suited to an active family lifestyle. As such it comes with a Stow N Place rack system that is perfect for hauling a canoe or other large items like bicycles that you’d prefer to have not within the interior.

It has a convenient one-button power sliding side-door system that makes it easy to open, meaning those with mobility issues, can easily enter and exit without having to slam the door shut.

Similarly, the rear-door has a one-touch, power liftgate. This eliminates the struggles associated with packing a full storage section and allows ease of access even if your hands are full.

Customizable interior

For passengers and drivers alike, the interior is spacious and comfortable. This vehicle is meant to carry passengers from A to B and as such is designed with them in mind.

With three rows of seats and a total of 81 possible configurations for the interior, the Dodge Grand Caravan is organized for your family’s needs.

For the things that come along with your family on your trip, there are just as many configurations and options to choose from.

This vehicle’s interior comes with vehicle cubbies, overhead bins, and seatback cargo nets. Additionally, the rear storage can be increased with the help of the Super Stow ’N Go system of folding seats. Both the second and third-row seats can fold away as needed for up to 3,973 L of total storage space.

Safety first

Obviously, a family vehicle should be safe without a doubt, and the Dodge Grand Caravan offers that in spades.

It has a Parkview Rear Back-Up Camera which is paired with sensors around the vehicle to make a comprehensive ParkSense Rear Park Assist System. This allows for safe parking maneuvering even with a full vehicle.

The Dodge Grand Caravan also comes with a blind spot monitoring system that alerts the driver to vehicles that may not be visible with a standard safety check.

Its Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and the Antilock Braking System are designed to intervene or correct for understeering or stopping the potential of skidding on slippery surfaces.

Charge on-the-go

Safety and utility aside, it also comes with a great console system that allows you to charge your tech as well as manage the music that’s serving as entertaining for your family drive.

For a family on-the-go, the Dodge Grand Caravan offers everything you need.

Space for storing your gear – it’s got plenty. Safety features for protecting what’s inside – absolutely.

The Dodge Grand Caravan is THE family vehicle. It’s safe and has loads of room for all the fun things you’ll bring along on your adventures.