Tire Seasonal Change Over

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It is time to start thinking of seasonal tire change over. As the season changes, so do your tires too!! Both Winter Tires and Seasonal tires are engineered to perform each season optimally.

Winter Tires:

  • Not mean for warm winters
  • Increase traction and maneuverability in the snow/ice
  • Flexible rubber compound for colder weather with deep treads.

Seasonal Tires:

  • Increase traction on handling and stopping distance on wet or dry pavement.
  • Decrease rolling resistance to improve fuel economy
  • Firm rubber compound to enhance durability and last longer in warmer conditions.

Tire Change Over vs Tire Swap

  • Tire Change Over – Requires one set of wheels and two sets of tires, keeps your existing wheels while only switching out the rubbers. Rebalance would need to be preform.
  • Tire Swap – Requires two sets of wheels and two sets of tires; this requires replacing both wheels and rubbers. It is more expensive at first as it needs to purchase additional wheels, but less costly long term for labour services

When to Switch?

  • The weather in Canada can be unpredictable. Sometimes Canadians can experience a full year of seasons in one day. Keep an eye for the weather forecast and look to see if the week has no more snow or risk of frost. The average daily temperature should be above 7C for 14 consecutive days.

How to store your tires?

  • Leave the headache and clutter with us. We can take the hassle of storing it in our secure facility and out of the weather elements.

Book ahead from the chaos!

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