Tips for Maintaining Your Car in the Driveway

If you’re one of the many people who have been affected by the coronavirus and have been at home more often, you may not have been driving your car as much and it has been collecting dust in the driveway. Regardless if you drive a Dodge Ram truck, Jeep, or any vehicle really, you’re doing it a disservice and likely creating problems for the future if you don’t keep an eye on the vehicle.

It’s a common misconception that if you aren’t putting miles on your car, you are saving it for later, or at a minimum, not doing any direct damage. However, by not regularly driving your car, you are allowing other issues to build up and fester, leaving your car unable to run properly, or even start in some cases.

At a minimum, make sure to turn on your car for a few minutes every few days just to make sure the battery is working properly. Letting your car sit for weeks, or months (depending on your situation), could result in the battery losing all of its power and your car continuing to sit until you call roadside assistance to give you a jump, or a brand new battery.

Check all of your fluids regularly. Keeping the gas tank full is imperative because if you don’t, the tank itself and the lines running throughout the car could rust and erode, which will be a costly fix. Make sure you don’t let your oil change pass by; even if you aren’t driving the vehicle, but are near the time to have an oil change, or past the date, the oil can begin to become sediment and clog up your engine, which will be another costly fix. If you don’t keep your coolant full, even when the car is sitting, you run the risk of overheating your radiator later and as you guessed – that’ll be a pricey repair. If all of your fluids are full and you aren’t in danger of missing your oil change, the easiest way to keep things flowing smoothly is to go for a quick drive. Get the cobwebs out of your

Always check your tires’ thread. The last thing you need is a flat the first time you get back to driving your vehicle, or worse yet, having a tire blow out while you’re cruising around town, or on the highway.

Just because you aren’t driving your vehicle doesn’t mean it isn’t depreciating over time. You need to make sure you care for and continue to operate your vehicles so that they don’t become rusty (figuratively and literally). If you follow these tips, you’ll keep your car in tip top shape for years to come, or until you want to trade it in for a new vehicle. If you’re thinking about getting a new Dodge Ram or Jeep, call us today to learn more about our makes, models, and options so we can help configure the perfect ride for your needs and budget. You can also plan a trip to our Dodge dealership in Calgary to take a look firsthand, speak with a representative, and take a car for a test drive. Contact us today to learn more!