New Jeep Safety Features

One of the biggest concerns for new and pre-owned vehicle buyers is the safety and reliability of the car, truck, or SUV that they’re buying – and that’s a good thing. You should never have to worry about your wellbeing while cruising around town, on the highway, or if you’re so inclined, heading off-road. For the adventurous buyers, Jeeps offer an incredible blend of city and suburban comforts, while also retaining the free spirited and answer-the-call-of-nature spirit inherent in the Jeep lifestyle.

While Jeeps have always been known as fun, sporty, and bold, they usually didn’t have the same front-of-mind response and notoriety for safety. Jeeps have always been safe vehicles and appealed to the young at heart, hence the number of Jeep dealerships in Ontario, but in an effort to give peace of mind to prospective new buyers (or people on their second or third Jeep to add to their collections), Jeep has souped-up safety features and added some new ones in for the 2020 and soon-to-be released 2021 lines of vehicles. If you’re in the market to purchase a Jeep, now has never been a better time. Let’s take a look at these new safety features to see how you’ll ride comfortably, confidently, and adventurously.

Blind spot monitoring

Never again will you need to worry about any drivers creeping in your blind spots when you want to change lanes, nor will you need to crank your head back to see behind you while you parallel park. Jeeps can easily be equipped with multiple cameras to give you a 360-degree view so you always know what’s nearby, upcoming, or too close.

Forward collision warning

It’s all too easy to become quickly distracted by an emergency phone call, a misbehaving child, or a million other things while you’re driving. It only takes a couple seconds for things to go wrong and you rear end the car ahead of you, but not anymore. Forward collision warning alerts you if you’re creeping up a little too close to another vehicle’s bumper and can snap your attention back to the road to avoid any accidents.

Adaptive cruise control

This takes cruise control and safety to the next level. In conjunction with the forward collision warning, the Jeep will adjust your speed to stay a pre-selected distance from the vehicle ahead of you while you coast along the roads.

Automatic high-beam headlamps

Tired of slicking your high beams on and off on a dark night? Jeep takes the guesswork out and knows when they’re needed and when they’re not, giving you optimal sight for your night drives. Say goodbye to blinding oncoming drivers.

Jeeps are a great investment as they are durable, dependable, and fun. You’ll likely get some nods and waves from fellow Jeep drivers welcoming you to the Jeep lifestyle in Ottawa – who knows, you might even join a group to go on rides together. If you’re curious about all of the incredible features Jeeps have to offer, call or contact us and we’ll be happy to help you find the right model for you.