Dodge Ram 1500 vs. Ford F150

Thinking of getting a new truck to get through the harsh winter and cruise through the new year? Have you been pouring over websites, review articles, and YouTube videos going over all of the benefits and pros and cons of every make and model of every truck available?

If you answered Yes, then we’re willing to bet you’ve seen glowing reviews of both the Dodge Ram 1500 and the Ford F150 trucks and likely have them on your wish list for Christmas. We’ll put it plainly: both trucks are excellent choices. Didn’t expect that, did you? A Dodge dealership in Alberta praising another manufacturer’s vehicle. But you know what? Ford F150s are fantastic vehicles and stack up pretty darn well against Dodge Ram 1500s.

Both trucks boast impressive safety features, including blind-spot monitoring, airbags, and durable frames. Both Dodge Ram 1500s and Ford F150s will keep you and your passengers safe, but Dodge Ram models give you an extra touch of comfort and class while riding around safely. We’ve mentioned before the incredible sensor technology on them — it’s like having several extra sets of eyes on the road so you’re always aware of what’s around and can avoid any potential accidents.

Let’s take a look at what sets Dodge Rams and Ford F150s apart so you can make the vehicle choice that’s right for you.

Comforts, UConnect, and a live-concert-quality sound system

Dodge Rams have some of the most spacious and comfortable interior cabins on the market; you’re basically riding around in a luxury hotel room with wheels. Both vehicles offer space and storage, but the Dodge Ram has a collapsable backseat to increase your storage options. If you’re a fan of camping when the warmer weather hits, you can fold the seat down and toss a bed in there to rest and say goodbye to tents.

Both manufacturers want your ride to be whisper quiet, and both achieve that seamlessly. Dodge Ram takes it a step further with Harman Kardon sound systems to turn your drive into a concert, or a roundtable discussion during your favorite podcast. Ride in silence to let your ears rest or rock on with your favorite music — you’ve got the options at your fingertips. Speaking of entertainment at your fingertips, Dodge Rams come equipped with the UConnect system, a touchpad console that offers camera sensor views, access to all of your entertainment, and GPS. If you need to multitask, the split-screen view gives you more options.

Fuel efficiency

Here are the raw numbers for how far you get on a gallon of gas in each vehicle.

Dodge Ram 1500: Base model V6, 20mpg in the city, 25mpg on the highway
Ford F150: Base model V6, 19mpg in the city, 25mpg on the highway

Both are incredibly similar, though the Dodge Ram edges out the F150 slightly.


Both vehicles empower you with ultimate control and handling on the roads. Dodge Rams take things up a notch with rear-wheel drive as well as all-wheel-drive capabilities, giving you the option for more power and control when you need it. Driving a Dodge Ram 1500 in Alberta is a smooth ride even in the toughest of winters thanks to this handling option. Forget about potholes as well: the Dodge air suspension system guarantees a seamless ride.

As we said, both trucks are impressive machines and you’ll be happy with either, but we’re willing to bet you’ll be happier with a Dodge Ram 1500. Curious to find out for yourself? Contact our Dodge dealership today to learn more!