Are Grand Caravans Good for Families?

When it comes to family vehicles, Dodge Grand Caravans are pretty unbeatable. Why you might ask? Well, just for starters, they’re incredible safe, spacious, fuel-efficient, and reliable. If you need space for you, your spouse, and at least one infant, the Dodge Grand Caravan cruises past other vehicles as the number one choice for family vehicles.

While minivans as a whole have been the butt of jokes (soccer mom, dadmobile, etc.), the Grand Caravan brushes them right off and keeps your family safe. Heck, safety is what makes it a great family car for Ottawa. Grand Caravans boast LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children), the safety system to ensure that child seats are firmly secured if an accident were to occur. Additionally, child-safety locks on the doors keep the kids safe and in place in the backseat so they don’t cause any issues when you’re on the road.

Beyond keeping everyone and everything in their places, Dodge Grand Caravans come equipped with traction and stability control so you never veer off course, even in rough weather conditions. Since we’re no strangers to the harsh brutality of winter, a Dodge Grand Caravan in Ottawa is a must-have if you’re a parent and need to travel from place to place. If anything were to ever go wrong, know that the seven airbags equipped inside the Grand Caravan will insulate you and your family from danger.

The next big (and we mean big) selling point to the Grand Caravan is what makes it so grand in the first place: the space. People don’t choose minivans for their top speeds, they choose them to be able to keep every tool, toy, and accessory on hand for when they travel. Want to go on a quick trip? Pack the family in the seats and fold the back row down for the most space to store all of your luggage or camping gear. Hockey practice coming up? All of those pads, uniforms, skates, sticks, and first aid kits fit perfectly; you can fit most of the team in the van to be a carpool champion. What about when it’s time to send the not-so-young ones off to college? The Dodge Grand caravan will give them one last ride in comfort with all of their stuff stacked high in the spacious trunk before they start off on their next big adventure.

That leads to our next point: these vehicles are made to be driven for a while. They’re constructed to handle long and heavy hauls for years, through summer heat on the way to a pool, or winter snows to family get-togethers during the holidays. Just be sure to properly maintain the vehicle and it will press on as you and your family grow.

If you’re considering getting a Dodge Grand Caravan in Ottawa for your family, contact our Dodge dealership today to speak with a sales associate! We’ll be happy to discuss all of the features that make a Grand Caravan the right choice for you and your family. We make sure that you get the vehicle of your dreams, no matter your credit score (so you can stop searching “where to buy a car with bad credit”). We’ll work with you to make sure you drive off the lot happy and safe. Call or contact us today to learn more about Grand Caravans!