2021 Ram Classic vs 1987 Dodge Ram

2021 Ram Classic

Making stronger vehicles with more towing and hauling capacity with increasingly efficient engines is what consumers and fans alike are looking for in their trucks. However, in today’s market, comfort and roominess are also important.

1987 Dodge and 2021 Ram Classic trucks have always been excellent vehicles, but in today’s market, they have certainly become next level. For example, the 1987 Dodge Ram has been applauded for its longevity. However, the truck models that are being built today offer more than just strength.

Keeping up with this trend, the 2021 Ram Classic offers a full range of comfort amenities as well as the power that any Ram Vehicle is known for.

For our purposes today, we are going to take a brief look down memory lane, so to speak.


1987 Dodge Ram


The 1987 Dodge Ram was one of the first iterations of the vehicle with the embossed “ DODGE RAM” name on the tailgate. It came with other obvious changes to its predecessors such as an amped-up grille and hood, taillights and the entire interior.

Just a few years, corrosion-resistant steel was introduced in the construction of these trucks. Most of this vehicle’s body panels are interchangeable and it is not rare to see “hybrid” versions, with parts being assembled from 1974 – 1991. Typically, the year of the truck is determined by what year the chassis was produced.

Generally speaking, this truck was robust and determined to keep on being driven.

There were only a few iterations of the to be offered for this model. Typically this vehicle came with a 225 cubic inch (3.7 litres) slant-6. It offered up 105  and 180 lb-ft of torque.

Truck Drivers really loved this truck back when it was in production days and they still look at it fondly if they get a chance to see one.


2021 Ram Classic


On the other hand, the 2021 Ram Classic offers much to drivers and passengers that the 1987 Dodge Ram simply could not.

One of the key components of the interior of the 2021 Ram Classic is that it is very comfortable.

It offers dual-zone temperature control, which allows the passengers and driver to set their individual ideal temperature which is maintained automatically.

Instead of having a floor shifter, the 2021 Ram Classic provides a class-exclusive rotary dial e-shifter for its standard eight-speed automatic transmission. Located on the center console, this convenient-to-use feature frees up space, which is a major theme for this vehicle. Ample space and comfort, though the vehicle remains rugged and capable.

As with any pickup truck, storage is incredibly important to those who drive them. The 2021 Ram Classic comes with multiple storage options and conveniences.

Starting from the front seat, there is a large armrest that opens up for storage and offers a media hub to charge your devices. However, should you need an extra seat it can also be folded up and turned into a third front seat for a passenger?

It also boasts a class-exclusive RamBox® Cargo Management System, which comes with all the bells and whistles. It is weatherproof, illuminated, and lockable with a fob. Additionally, it comes with a bed extender, divider and power outlets for charging power tools and more.

This vehicle has so much storage room. It even has an optional feature for under-seat storage bins, and a fold-flat load floor system.

2021 Ram Classic vs 1987 Dodge Ram


When comparing both vehicles you can clearly see that the newer 2021 Ram Classic comes with way more comfort and amenities than did the 1987 Dodge Ram.

While both are still strong vehicles with towing and hauling capacity to get the job done, they are both clearly products of their day.