The 2021 Grand Cherokee Has Landed at Southbank!

2021 Grand Cherokee Ottawa

What if it’s the perfect SUV? The Jeep Grand Cherokee just started its fifth generation, and we love what we see so far. Not only are these SUVs incredible on all fronts, but a three-row model 2021 Grand Cherokee L will be coming soon!


The 2021 Grand Cherokee has a solid and stable frame that will take you far out from the city boundaries for anybody seeking adventure and a fresh new getaway this year.


The Jeep Grand Cherokee offers everything you need for a perfect family vacation – from safety and comfort to ample space. With its 4×4 capabilities, the well-known vehicle will never fail you on any terrain!


Here at Southbank, we are delighted to carry the Grand Cherokee and excited for our customers to see all of its new features. The 2021 model is finally here! Take a look at some exciting recent changes that’ll be perfect for your needs:





Are you ready for a strong drive that is also safe and secure for your family?


The 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a legendary SUV that will exceed your expectations. It features Quadra-Trac I®, Quadra-Drive II, and other 4×4 systems for the ultimate safety of you and your family.


With the Selec-Terrain® Traction Management System, you’ll never have to worry about driving through different sorts of terrain. It includes Snow (ideal for our cold Canadian environment), Sand, Auto, Mud, and Rock modes – all perfect for whatever your next adventure is!






The 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee provides an interior befitting its extraordinary exterior with a sleek and durable design. The seats are upholstered in comfortable leather or loaded with cushions for extra comfort. With room to hold 1,934 litres worth of cargo space and 60/40 foldable rear seats – for more seating options when you need them most!


The heated steering wheel will keep you warm in the driver’s seat, while a power liftgate and remote start make for an easy ride. There is also an acoustic windscreen that provides peace of mind on noisy streets. The Summit offers both leather interior options as well as suede to suit your style preferences.




The new Jeep Grand Cherokee is rugged, modern, and sleek. It offers all of the features you need for a comfy ride, including aluminum rims with an excellent grip that can handle anything from muddy trails to bumpy roads, as well as crystal-clear windows that let you enjoy life on the open road without being blocked by dirt or dust.


Influencing every other car in its wake, The Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the most iconic SUVs on the market. The vehicle received many design awards despite not having any competition at all because of its unparalleled performance.




Safety and security are the critical considerations for families when looking to purchase a family-sized car.  The new Jeep Grand Cherokee 2021 brings a whole host of advancements to the table. It is equipped with groundbreaking features such as Parallel and Perpendicular Park Assist that make parking easy for all drivers, regardless of skill level.


In addition, reverse with ease and safety using the Park-Sense® Rear Park Assist. This system provides any assistance you need to make it back into your space, while a rearview camera helps guide you into place. Also, keep yourself on the road by investing in Adaptive Cruise Control, and Front Collision Warning features for added protection!




The Jeep Grand Cherokee has a range of powerful engines for all your needs. The 3.6L Pentastar V6 Engine, the 5.7L HEMI V8 Engine, and 6-speed manual transmission are perfect if you’re looking for family-friendly power! If speed is what gets you going, then look no further than the Supercharged 6.2 L V8 engine with 707 horsepower paired to either an 8 or 9 Speed automatic transmission that will leave anything in its dust on any terrain!




The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a perfect ride for anyone looking to tow their camper van or trailer on the weekends. With its 7,200 pounds towing capability and heavy-duty engine cooling system, it’s an excellent choice when you need something with power behind it. If you’re looking for even more support, choose the Trailer Tow Group IV; this will give you a rear load-levelling suspension so that nothing can get in your way of making those weekend trips!




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