Peace of Mind Inspection: Do I Really Need It?

Peace of Mind Maintenance Service Factory Scheduled Service $89.95 94.95HEMIPeace of Mind Maintenance Service Factory Scheduled Service $89.95 94.95HEMI



“Are we doing a Peace of Mind Inspection today?” asks your service advisor. Maybe you had your vehicle in some time ago, & it seems to be driving ok. It sounds alright & it gets you from point A to point B. So, the question is, do I need this? With the current health situation, some items on our to-do list may have been postponed. However, maintaining & keeping your vehicle in top shape should most definitely be at the top of the priority list. The Peace of Mind Inspection not only gives you peace of mind, as the name suggests, but it ensures your vehicle will remain safe, reliable & in good working order.

Whether you are headed out on a road trip this summer or your vehicle has been sitting untouched for some time, it’s still crucial to ensure all aspects of the vehicle are in good working order. All vehicles require regular use & maintenance to stay in shape.

As a part of the Peace of Mind Inspection package, your vehicle will have an oil change, tire rotation, & the inspection itself completed. To better understand the importance of each item, here is a breakdown and why each part plays such a significant role in your vehicle’s health.

As you very likely already know, oil changes are simply a part of any vehicle’s essential maintenance. 

Taking the time to have it done may seem like a minor inconvenience, but it directly affects some of the most crucial parts of what makes your vehicle get you to where you need to be. Having the oil changed on time & within the recommended mileage will ensure your engine runs smooth & stays in top condition.


As part of the Peace of Mind Inspection, your tires will also be rotated. 

Doing this will ensure even tread wear & that you get an entire life out of your tires. After all, no one wants to spend money; they don’t have to on something that can be avoided.


The inspection itself provides a comprehensive report on crucial parts of your vehicle. Safety is the top priority when doing an inspection; however, discovering a problem in its early stages can not only save money by preventing further damage, but it can also spare you the trouble of your vehicle leaving you stranded. 


Inspecting essential parts of your vehicle will ensure that everything is in proper working order & that all main aspects are performing correctly. Having parts of the vehicle that are not functioning should affect the vehicle’s overall performance & fuel economy. Once the inspection is completed, you will receive a report card identifying any parts that may need your attention. In the end, proper vehicle maintenance will not only hold your vehicle’s value better, but it will also extend the vehicle’s life. Give your vehicle what it needs, so it gets you to where you need it!