Jeep + Dodge Financing FAQs

Unless you recently hit the lottery or walked into a large sum of money, you probably won’t be buying a new Jeep or Dodge Ram 1500 in cash (though it would be amusing to walk into a dealership with a briefcase full of money, we’d probably question it and have to investigate). This makes financing an appealing, and usually the most economically reasonable, option. You find the right loan that meets your budget to get the Dodge Ram or Jeep you want and fits your financial planning.

So, let’s get down to some common financing FAQs and then some tidbits of wisdom we have when it comes to financing.

Is financing right for me?
You should speak with your financial advisors to determine if financing is the best solution for you. We work with people who have good credit or bad credit to get the car or truck they want for their home life, or the car or truck they need for work. Financing helps you pay a little bit over time to afford your new Dodge Ram or Jeep. Make sure that the monthly payments aren’t outside of your budget.

What do I need to get financing?
You just need the basics! Proof of ID, proof of income, proof of residence, you know, the simple stuff. From there, we run a quick, light credit check so we can create your financing plan.

Should I make a larger down payment?
That’s up to you! Financing simply means that you’ll be paying your loan off in installments. Having a larger down payment can mean that the payments are smaller month to month. It’s all a matter of your current financial situation.

Financing tips:

  • Know which vehicle(s) you want. Make a shortlist of the models you feel are right for you.
  • Pre-apply for financing and loans on our website to see what your rates could be; we’re always happy to help get you the best rates, regardless of bad credit.
  • Take a test drive to make sure you’ve found the right model for you. If you haven’t, we’re happy to show you a number of other Dodge Rams and Jeeps.
  • Pay higher monthly rates if you’re able. You’ll pay off your car faster. However, for some people, it’s easier to make smaller monthly payments over a longer period of time. Consult your financial advisor on this.

By answering these simple questions and following a few tips, you’ll be set for success to finance your new vehicle, whether you have good credit or bad credit. Come down to our Ottawa Jeep dealership to find the perfect vehicle for your needs, take it for a test drive, and apply for financing to get a great rate, regardless if you have bad credit. Contact us now for more information.