Are Jeeps Good for Winter?

It’s probably safe to say that you’re well aware of Canada’s winters being frigid, freezing, icy, and merciless to inhabitants. Everyone is going to be bundled up in layers topped off with heavy coats, hats, scarves, and mittens if they need to venture outside for any reason (which, hopefully, you can minimize the amount of time you’ll be outside). When temps drop far below 0 degrees, if you do need to go out, you’ll need a vehicle that can handle anything the weather and roads throw at it.

Most cars can make it through the winter and will keep you warm and safe, but that doesn’t mean there are makes and models that are better equipped for the freezing months of the year. Some cars are more prone to getting stuck due to a lack of power; others are prone to sliding and fishtailing due to limited handling and steering (as an aside, this can be addressed by getting snow tires for your vehicle, but it’s no guarantee for safety if your vehicle isn’t equipped for harsh winters). That’s where Jeeps come in.

Jeeps are designed and manufactured to handle the harshest road and weather conditions, which means driving in winter becomes a lot simpler and safer when you’re behind the wheel of a Jeep. The tires alone on Jeeps are made to handle uneven (and often dangerous) terrain, so snow doesn’t really make a difference for traction. We should note that you shouldn’t speed along snowy roads as it can exponentially increase the odds of an accident; no vehicle is perfect, but Jeeps are ahead of the class.

The true secret to a Jeeps’s ability to excel in Ontario, CA winters is its design: it sits high enough above the street that snow won’t attack the underside of the vehicle, but it’s low enough that it can maneuver fluidly. The 4-wheel drive also ensures proper power where you need it to make it through deeper pockets of snow, or shallow-but-compacted patches on the road.

If you’re considering getting a Jeep in Ontario, CA, but aren’t sure if it would be warm enough to handle our freezing winter climate (which is a fair concern to have since we’ve had temperatures far below zero), you needn’t worry. Once you have your Jeep equipped for winter with the hardtop and doors attached, the vehicle warms up to keep you toasty from door to door. They’re incredibly well-insulated vehicles, so you aren’t going to feel any drafts from the air outside. (Pro tip: make sure you’ve taken off the fabric-top roof and have installed the doors properly to avoid any issues once you’re on the road.)

If you’re interested in learning more about Jeeps in Ontario, CA, and how they handle in the winter, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to look around our site at the different makes and models, or feel free to call us to speak with an associate who can help you go over all of the different details. Contact our Ontario Jeep dealership today to learn more!